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Its's an exclusive community for remote workers

Work is no longer a location. Millions of digital nomads are using their location independence to travel while working remotely. Join our community to digitally surround yourself with other DNs and live, work & play together.

Are you tired of soul sucking 9-5? Join us to learn from expert DNs how to transition from traditional 9-5 to a life of freedom.

Looking for a remote job? Join us to find the right opportunity for yourself through our curated list of remote jobs.

Live with your tribe

Plan trips with other digital nomads or find a workstay to live, work & play together.

Collaborate with each other

Collaborate with other digital nomads and remote workers. Get advice and feedback from experienced digital nomads.

Stay accountable

Stay accountable by publicly sharing your progress. Build better habits by digitally surrounding yourself with productive remote workers.

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You are someone that:
👍 Has been working remotely and looking to connect with other digital nomads
👍 Wants to learn from expert DNs how to transition from traditional 9-5 to a life of freedom.
👍 Is just starting out as a digital nomad and looking for a supportive community
👍 Is actively looking for remote jobs and gigs
👍 Is actively looking to digitally surround yourself with other DNs and live, work & play together.
👍 Is looking to plan trips with other digital nomads or find a workstay to share

Not a problem! This community is for DNs as well as aspiring DNs..

It is hosted on Discord..

If you cancel your lifetime subscription within two weeks of joining the community, we will be offering full refund. No questions asked..

Say hi on Twitter (@sauravarya),my DMs are open...

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Remote Bootcamp For Aspiring DNs

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Remote Bootcamp For Aspiring Digital Nomads

    Event Schedule

    20th Aug - Introduction & Self Discovery

    How to find your Ikigai? How to identify skills you can monetize? How to create your identity online? Strategy for lifestyle design.

    Assignment : Take Ikigai test, identify your skills and fine tune your online identity.

    21st Aug - Understanding the triangle of freedom

    How to achieve location, time and financial freedom? What's lifestyle design? Understanding hybrid wealth and the new rich.

    22nd Aug - Introduction to platforms that pay you

    How to identify right platform for yourself? Set up for generating multiple income streams.

    Assignment : Set up your account and make your first dollar online.

    23rd Aug - How to find a remote job?

    Where to search for remote jobs? How to run side hustles along with a remote job? How to work async?

    Assignment : Identify remote jobs apt for your profile and apply.

    24th Aug - Making the leap

    How to decide your life quest? What's stopping you? How to become a minimalist?

    Assignment: Identify your life quest and make it public.
    Join 15 days minimalism game

    25th Aug - Where to go?

    Understanding geo arbitrage. Top destinations for DNs. Identifying destinations according to your preferences. Understanding DN visa programs.

    Assignment : Make a bucket list of destinations and make it public

    26th Aug - Insane travel hacks

    How to find cheap flights? How to overland on a shoestring? Understanding hospitality networks. How to use hospitality networks to stay for free? Deciding visa strategy. How to save on food and activities?

    27th Aug - Pre-departure essentials

    Managing your money overseas, getting paid, tax tips, work-friendly visas, travel insurance, the visa run, health essentials, what to carry, and what not to carry?

    28th Aug - On the road

    Finding accommodation. Choosing your workplace. Work-life balance. Keeping healthy on the road. Apps for staying healthy. Connecting with other DNs, dating for DNs, parenting for DNs

    29th Aug - Inspiration: Digital Nomad Tales

    People to follow, stories from different countries, books, and articles to read,

    30th Aug - Building passive income streams

    Selling information products, Using no-code tools to create a product, Crypto trading, investing in stocks, automating Airbnbs, dropshipping, etc.

    31st Aug - Rituals and mental models for DNs

    What rituals will keep you going? Understanding different mental models.

    1st Sept - India for digital nomads

    Hidden gems in India for DNs. Where to go and when? Solo workation vs group workation.

    2nd Sept - Digital Nomadism for Social impact

    How to pay it forward? How DNs are creating a brave new world. Volunteering opportunities for DNs worldwide.

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